Exclusive (3.4m) R51 980

3.4m Length with nose cone
Width 1.8m
Height 2.050 pointed roof

Food trailers come fully equipped with:

  • 2 x chip fryers
  • 1 x spice rack
  • 1 x double self-build stove
  • 1 x double griller with braai grid
  • 2 x chafing dishes
  • 2 x 20L water bottles
  • 1 x big sink with dry space
  • 2 x light with double plug, neat aluminum work surfaces and neat aluminum splash plates
  • Mesh gas cage on outside at nose cone

900kg axle

2 x 165 x 13” Tyres and rims

Comes with RWC Registration Papers and Gas Certificate

3.4m Food Trailer Photo Gallery

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